Welcome to Caterpillar Montessori

We are located on a dairy farm at Hollyview, Crory, Crossabeg where children are offered an extensive Montessori programme.

Our focus is on social development, practical life, sensorial, early writing/reading, number work, baking, music, arts, crafts and cultural subjects where the children visit the farm animals and take part in caring for them as part of their nature walk.

At Caterpillar the children follow a set programme of tasks. They learn everyday skills where each child is allowed to develop at their own pace, given freedom within limits in a carefully “Prepared Environment”. This teaches the child to be independant, self-assured and nurtures the childs desire to learn.

The school is run by Lorraine Hawkins : St. Nicholas Montessori Teacher (Mont. Dip. Adv.)

“The Montessori method of education is based on the developmental needs of the child for freedom within limits, and a carefully prepared environment. This guarantees exposure to materials and experience through which intelligence is developed as well as physical and social abilities. The children are treated with respect and allowed to develop at their own pace


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